Vault Doors: Choose from our economy vault door, elite vault door, and armory vault door below to get started:

economy vault door image
Economy Vault Door Level II
80" x 30" x 6-12" - $1,699.00
80" x 36" x 6-12" - $1,999.00
80" x 42" x 6-12" - $2,299.00
elite vault door image
Elite Vault Door Level V
80" x 30" x 6-12" - $2,699.00
80" x 36" x 6-12" - $2,899.00
80" x 42" x 6-12" - $3,099.00
armory vault door image
Armory Vault Door Level VII
80" x 30" x 6-12" - $3,299.00
80" x 36" x 6-12" - $3,599.00
80" x 42" x 6-12" - $3,899.00








What are vault doors?

Vault doors are heavy steel doors that functions just like doors you would find in safes. They can be used in panic rooms, safe rooms, storm shelters and tornado shelters. They are equipped with a combination lock, drill resistant hard plate, and relocking devices. Another important feature of vault doors is that they fit tightly into your door frame. This makes it harder for crooks to pry it open.


Select from our economy vault doors, elite vault doors, armory vault doors or a custom size vault door to protect any security room of choice.


Keep in mind that once you install the vault door it will be permanent, make sure you choose one that fits, and that you like. Measure your doorway before purchasing a door, you do not want gaps between your vault door and frame. Choose what styles, materials, and colors go best with your home.

Installing your vault door is simple just follow the instructions below:


1. Prepare opening: The outside face of the wall with the proper size block-out opening for the vault door should be finished including any drywall, etc. Complete and ready to receive the vault door. The inside face of the wall may also be finished, The outside of the wall should be plumed.


2. Prepare the vault room: Provide enough light inside of the vault room and position at least one person inside the room with tool and bolts necessary to attach to the concrete wall.


3. Staging a vault door for lifting: Position the vault door flat on the floor, with the outside of the door facing up, so it can be raised to a vertical position at a right angle (90 degrees) to the opening. Then with appropriate help, raise the door to the vertical position.


Vault doors do not have to be plain, there are plenty of colors and designs to choose from. You can get them with high-gloss finish (shiny like a car), a gold package, five prong handle, a digital lock and more. Most importantly, you can enjoy top security without compromising with quality.

A vault door with metal locking bars, combination lock, and internal release may cost more than a conventional door but the security of your home is worth the investment.


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