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$3,699.00 Was $4,299.00
You save: $600.00
Double Door Gun Safe Level ll 72x60x27 with 1500° Fireproof 64-Guns
double door gun safemade in USA logo
$4,599.00 Was $6,499.00
You save: $1,900.00
Double Door Gun Safe Level V with Pry-Proof Door 1800° Fireproof 72x60x27 64 Long Guns
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Vault Door Level II
80" x 30" x 6-12" - $1,699.00
80" x 36" x 6-12" - $1,999.00
80" x 42" x 6-12" - $2,299.00
vault doormade in USA logo
Vault Door Level V
80" x 30" x 6-12" - $2,699.00
80" x 36" x 6-12" - $2,899.00
80" x 42" x 6-12" - $3,099.00
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Vault Door Level VII
80" x 30" x 6-12" - $3,299.00
80" x 36" x 6-12" - $3,599.00
80" x 42" x 6-12" - $3,899.00
New 2017 Models with New Logo

The level V model gun safe is the strongest, heaviest and most secure gun safe

made here in the USA. With a double step system door,

and anti-pry tabs, the level V has plenty of room for all your rifles, shotguns, handguns and more.

And it protects your guns from fires up to 1800° hot.

Level V is the Gun Safe uncompromised.

Level V Gun Safe New Logo
New double step system
Double Step Dooor

Our new double step door design makes our doors twice as strong against

pry attacks. When closed, the door and body fit together

like a jig-saw puzzle, making it impossible to forcibly insert a pry-bar or screwdriver into the door to create leverage.

Anti-Pry Tabs

Our second anti-pry door feature are metal brackets located along

the bolt angle bar that increases the safe’s protection by more than 280 percent. This unique feature is found in safes that cost 10 times more than one of our gun safes.

anti pry feature

American Made Gun Safes

Homeland Safes are manufactured in the U.S. where their quality is closely monitored.  Competitor safes are often produced in places like China and Mexico with cheap locks and inferior metal.

When you examine a Homeland Security safe, you’ll quickly see that no corner has been cut, no design feature overlooked, no potential weakness ignored.  In every aspect, we’ve used the most advanced technology to ensure superior performance.

Our gun safes provide maximum protection while adding elegance to your home’s decor.  

Gun Safe Selection

Homeland Security Safe Company offers one of the largest gun safe selections on the market.  Choose from numerous styles, colors and designs.

Our experienced representatives are happy to guide you in evaluating gun safe features based on the type of security you need as well as your personal design preferences.

Our product lines include:

  •     Closet gun safes
  •     Rifle gun safes
  •     Shotgun safes
  •     Tall gun safes
  •     Large gun safes
  •     Double door gun safes

Buying gun safes online can be a headache, specially if you order a gun safe from some company you never heard of only to find out their gun safes come from overseas, and you could end up waiting months for your purchase to arrive.

At Homeland Safes, we stock dozens of different models and colors.  In most cases, your gun safe will be shipped within 24 hours.

Custom Made Gun Safes

We want you to have the gun safe that is perfect for you.  If you have something special in mind or perhaps have certain requirements to meet, we can custom design a gun safe for you. 

Choose a size, color and type of door. 

Need extra security? 

You can decide the thickness of the safe’s body, bolts and hard plate. 

Want maximum fire protection? 

We can build you a fireproof safe that even has a double steel interior.

Just call us and we’re happy to walk you through the customization process to create a gun safe that is uniquely yours.

Lifetime Warranty on Gun Safes

Every gun safe purchased at Homeland Security Safe Company comes with a lifetime warranty.  If anything goes wrong with the lock or safe, we fix it. 

In fact, if your gun safe is ever subjected to an attempted break in by drilling or prying, we will repair or replace it for free without even charging you for shipping! 

You can purchase your gun safe from Homeland Security Safes with absolute confidence that it will provide you with a lifetime of solid performance and security.

Homeland Safe Products

Homeland Security Safe Company was founded in 1996.  Our products include gun safes, small office safes, home safes, depository safe boxes, wall safes, fireproof safes and vault doors. 

Among our thousands of satisfied customers are all types of gun enthusiasts from gun collectors and hunters to policemen and military personnel. 

We’ve also sold safes to numerous law enforcement agencies and crime labs that store important crime evidence.

Unlike many other gun safe companies, we’re not just an internet company and we’re not importers. 

We manufacture our safes in the Los Angeles area.  You are always welcome to visit our showroom at 9612 Beverly Road, Pico Rivera, California. 

Whether protecting firearms, money, collectibles, irreplaceable documents, or any other items of value to you, contact us at Homeland Safes. 

We’ll help you choose a beautiful safe that combines elegance, security and fire protection.




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